What parents say


"I spoke to you last session about Ripley maybe having to miss some PEACH sessions as it clashes with her netball on the Wednesday afternoons.

However, after PEACH this Wednesday the first thing she asked was could she miss netball trainings because she wants to come to ALL the PEACH sessions as she had so much fun!! She also wants to come weekly, not fortnightly!!!

So, thank you to all for providing such a great program."

- Naomi Westwood - North Lakes

"It's been over six months since we finished PEACH and we’re a lot lighter, we are happier, we are making better food choices and are eating fresh.

It's a fantastic program for any parent to go into and get support and find out that it’s a holistic approach. One that you can do together as a family and get everybody on board and you’ll there."

- Angela Kunst - Caboolture group

"Doing the program has changed our habits for the better. The kids have completely forgotten that we used to buy chips and chocolate and now are happy to have fruit for a snack."

- Parent from the Rockhampton group

"I have found the program quite a revelation! Fiona a wonderful educator and my girls adored Chris and Corey too."

- Parent from the Caboolture group

"The main thing for us, because we were already quite active, was learning about food groups and portion sizes."

- Donna Ratumu, North Lakes

"My kids have the PEACH sessions noted down in their own diaries as they love coming to the child activity sessions. Even if I feel too tired to go, I have to because my kids won’t let me skip it."

- Parent from the Kelvin Grove group.

"The program gives practical advice. Takeaways are now considered a treat in our household and we only have them once a month."

- Parent from the Logan group.

"I really enjoyed being around other parents in the same situation. The support from them and the facilitator was so helpful."

- Parent from the North Lakes group.