What is PEACH™ Online?

PEACH stands for 'Parenting, Eating and Activity for Child Health'. PEACH Online is a FREE online program designed to give families the information, tools and support they need to make healthy lifestyle choices in the challenging environment in which we live.

It is the online format of the PEACH program, an evidence-based, internationally recognised healthy lifestyle program.

PEACHwas launched in Queensland in September 2013. It is funded by the Queensland Government and delivered by Queensland University of Technology.  

Who can access PEACH™ Online?

Queensland families with a primary school-aged child can register and access the program. Registration is easy, through the PEACH website or free call 1800 263 519. The online program can be accessed on desktop computer, laptop and tablet devices.

How long is it available?

Registration for PEACHOnline is open until 31 August 2016. This will allow families the time to work through the program to complete it by 30 December 2016.

What does PEACH™ Online involve?

PEACH™ Online has 10 interactive sessions, each with an introductory video, easy-to-navigate information, activities and tools. There are also links to recipes and resources, such as menu planners, tips for modifying meals to make them healthier and tips for healthy eating on a budget.

Once registered, families can complete these sessions at their own pace, in their own time, and re-visit sessions as many times as they like.

Families will also be sent a quality handbook resource to help them navigate the online sessions.

What types of topics are covered?

The PEACH™ Online sessions cover common family issues, such as:

  • making sense of food labels
  • portion sizes
  • dealing with fussy eaters
  • lunchbox ideas
  • healthy takeaway choices
  • finding time to be more active as a family
  • reducing screen time

What if I have a question about the information provided?

Each week there is a dedicated 'Live Chat' forum in which you can interact and ask questions of our Project Dietitian.

Families can also log in at any time and interact through the Group Forum with other families who are online at the same time.

If you would like to ask a private question of our Project Dietitian, there is an 'Ask Question' link on each session.

Can my children be involved?

Yes, we encourage parents and carers to share the program's information with their children and involve them in goal setting and child-friendly activities, such as the 'Food Balance Game'.

Parents can download and print the PEACH™ Child Workbook, which has colouring, quiz and other activities, and the parents PEACH™ Child Activity Resource, with suggestions for games and play acitvities.

Links are also provided to resources which encourage child activity and interest in healthy foods, such as Nature Play Queensland and Kids in the Kitchen.


Download the FAQs for Families