What is it?

About PEACH™



The PEACH™ program is a parent-led healthy lifestyle program that supports parents and carers who are struggling to maintain a healthy balance.

It offers families practical advice and information about healthy eating options and ways to increase levels of physical activity.

The program is available free for Queensland families with primary school-aged children.

Why is it being offered?

The PEACH™ program is being offered in response to the increasing incidence of childhood overweight and obesity in the community.

In Australia, overweight and obesity rates in children have doubled over the past 30 years and in 2011-12 in Queensland, one in four children are above their healthy weight.1 This is a serious public health issue.

Increasing rates of childhood obesity have the potential to place considerable burden on future health costs and services and can lead to a greater risk of obesity in adulthood.

Improved weight management can help children to cope with challenges around self-esteem and confidence, academic performance and metabolic health.

Currently there are very few weight management services for children available in Queensland and those that are available have extremely long wait lists.

1 Queensland Health. The health of Queenslanders 2014. Fifth report of the Chief Health Officer Queensland. Brisbane 2014.

Is the program only offered to overweight children?

No, PEACH™ is available to all families with primary-school aged children. The program promotes healthy growth in children and aims to help families adopt healthier habits for the long-term.

Who is delivering it?

The PEACH™ program is funded by the Queensland Government and is being delivered by QUT using trained facilitators.

The program is being led by Professor Lynne Daniels, head of QUT’s Nutrition and Exercise Sciences School in the Faculty of Health.

What does it involve?

The PEACH™ program is a 6 month program which consists of 10 sessions. The first 9 sessions are held weekly within a school term. Ongoing individualised family support is offered through the second half of the program ending with one final group session.

The sessions are held in the local community and delivered after school hours by trained facilitators.

Parents and/or carers meet in one group to learn about healthy living options while children meet in another group for a fun physical activity session.

Parents receive a handbook which contains the information they learn about in each session including goal-setting tools and interactive activities. The themes for each sessions are:


Session one: An introduction to the PEACH program

Session two: Healthy lifestyle behaviour

Session three: Relationships with food and eating

Session four: Planning for change

Session five: Active bodies, healthy minds

Session six: Changing family lifestyle behaviours

Session seven: Nutrition skills

Session eight: Affordable eating at home and away

Session nine: Overcoming resistance

Session ten: Where to from here?


Who can enrol?

Queensland families with a primary school-aged child can enrol.